Introducing the Pandora Carryall

Living in a world of “smart” everythings isn’t easy, and without the tools to support your equipment, it doesn’t matter how “smart” the technology is. This is why Bad Wolf Outfitters wants to set you up with the carryall that’ll be the brains behind your smarts. The Pandora Carryall, with all its features and function is outfitted to be your backup for survival in this technical age.

The Pandora Carryall prototype is still in the beginning stages, and today we are asking for your help to make this a reality. By completing our survey you’ll help us understand just what you need in a carryall for your carry-all-over lifestyle, and by reviewing our product and our campaign on your own tech blog you’ll help us to spread the word and learn more about the needs of fellow tech trekkers.

This isn’t just a tech bag, this is The Pandora Carryall. Finally, a carryall that’s as smart as the gear you put in it.


For those times when you have to avoid the unexpected or unwanted power down, The Pandora comes emergency electronic revival certified.


A screen installed inside The Pandora displays battery life and data storage, so you always know where you stand.


Music and sound can be activated via Bluetooth for impromptu office parties or an after-work dance session.


Locating device that communicates with your smartphone, in case you forget this carryall after a long night of networking.

USB Port

Extra storage for your presentations, schedules, files and more; because sometimes your backup needs a backup.


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